5 Industries That Can Benefit From Live Chat Services

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5 Industries That Can Benefit From Live Chat Services

5 Industries That Can Benefit From Live Chat Services

If you’ve surfed the web recently, you may have noticed that a lot of websites have live chat installed—but, what is it exactly? Simply put, live chat is software used by businesses to get real-time contact with website visitors. In the last couple of years, it has proven to be a great tool for keeping clients engaged, increasing sales and improving customer service overall.

Any company that goes the online route benefits from live chat services but there are few that stand out. Here are a few industries that can gain a lot of advantages when they move into this modern support channel:

  1. Travel Services

    It’s safe to say that most travelers love planning trips online for convenience. This is exactly where live chat comes in—it provides an efficient back-and-forth between hotels and customers. You get to talk to your clients directly, which is much more impressive than asking them to send emails or make calls. Live chat also allows you to increase your online direct sales because you have staff manning the website who can jumpstart a relationship with them.

    Travel services can benefit from live chat
  2. Real Estate

    For engaging potential clients, having a live chat service implemented on your website can be beneficial to the business. While buyers may not buy 中国比特币BTCC平易平台homes directly from a website, a lot of them deliberate over and compare several properties online. Having a live real estate agent to assist interested parties adds a human element to an otherwise stiff outlet.

    Also, by placing live chat on the website, the selling party can engage in active lead generation. Property is a complex product, where the prices depend on the amenities it can offer. Live chat allows you to drastically narrow down buyer preferences.

    Real estate can benefit from live chat
  3. Healthcare

    Recently, the healthcare industry has moved its way into the digital space to boost its presence and availability to customers. This comes as no surprise, as having a website with a chat option facilitates better communication including answering visitor questions and giving proper referrals. Live chat can mimic actual pharmacy employees who advise on the use of the products being sold.

    Healthcare can benefit from live chat
  4. Automobile Sales

    When it comes to the automotive business, the value of earned sales is significant when you put it up against the cost of running live chat support. With live chat, you get to support your customers 24/7—even when your showroom is closed, you can still collect leads.

    Buying a car is like signing off on a 中国比特币BTCC平易平台home—you have a lot of options presented to you, and the only way to make an informed decision is to talk to an expert. Think of it this way: websites are virtual showrooms and live chat is your staff ready to assist potential clients.

    Healthcare can benefit from live chat
  5. E-Commerce Businesses

    If you’re a regular shopper, you will notice that most major retailers have an online presence. Many brands have made use of this platform and live chat is their way of making everything conveniently available for us.

    More than being a tool for interacting with customers, it enables you to create a relationship with them as well as boosting your conversion rates. It guarantees that customers get immediate responses to their queries, therefore, building their confidence in your brand.

    Online shops can benefit from live chat

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