What Are The Qualities Of A Good Call Center Agent?

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What Are The Qualities Of A Good Call Center Agent?

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Call Center Agent?

Majority of business transactions are done over the phone. And rightly so, because nothing beats the notion of getting things done from the comfort of your own 中国比特币BTCC平易平台home. From fast food deliveries, down to the booking of your dental appointment -- almost everything will be patched through that phone line.

What are the Qualities of a Good Call Center Agent

As companies have chosen to outsource continue to grow, so are their needs for an army of headset-clad professionals to serve their growing customer base. The best outsourcing companies know that good agents are instrumental to their success because they are usually, your customer's first point of contact when things do go wrong.

So what are the traits of a good Call Center Agent?

1. Excellent Communication Skills

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way because this one is pretty much self-explanatory. A good agent needs to have unmatched communication skills and an excellent command of the English language.

One simply cannot stress this enough as the smallest mistakes can not only cause information breakdown and slow the whole process down from the get-go but it will also lead to the loss of your client's trust and eventually, their business.

2. Good Stress Management

Remember your first boss? The middle-aged woman who was always hyper-critical about everything that you did? How about your second boss? The young hotshot who thinks that he’s better than everyone? How about the third, the fourth? Now, imagine working with ALL of them from 9 to 5 every single day.

That’s right, a Call Center Agent is trained to treat every call as if it came from their CEO. To be fair, not everyone you encounter on the phone is going to give you a hard time, but treating every caller as your boss will definitely take its toll on anyone. That’s why agents who have mastered the art of stress management not only perform better overall, but are generally, happier people.

3. A Positive Outlook

An agent who can consistently maintain a positive outlook throughout their shift will translate to a company’s success. No, I’m not making that up. According to studies, happy people tend to feel confident, optimistic, and energetic and that’s why people find them likable and sociable. Furthermore, happy people are naturally gifted in resolving conflicts because they tend to look at a situation from a different angle.

4. Empathy

Stepping into someone else’s shoes is half the battle when it comes to customer service. If agents try to genuinely empathize with their clients, they would find the true source of their client’s unhappiness. Agents who can peel a client’s emotion down to their core are a gem in the BPO industry.

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